is an e-commerce site designed both to educate you on “strand” bamboo products, as well as give you a cost-effective source for the material. There are many factories producing “strand” bamboo products, and there are often significant differences in how the product is made, what is used in the product, and how it is supplied (size, format, etc.). It is inconceivable for any buyer of “strand” bamboo (whether a homeowner, builder, installer, or flooring distributor) to have the knowledge and resources to understand the differences among the brands and products (read more on the About us page). is here to help you wade through the information and often misinformation prevalent in the “bamboo” market. Factories have come and gone (victims of their own product), partnerships and alliances have formed and disbanded, Intellectual Property battles have ensued, and mis-representation in the market has proven absurdly prevalent. The Strand bamboo market is “foggy” at best, and we are here to help wade through the murky waters, so you can better understand what product you are getting, and why or why not that makes sense.

People have different motivations and assess different criteria for their purchases, and it is our goal to help you make your selection based on what is important to you. Whether it is price (up-front vs. life-cycle), range of aesthetics, indoor air quality (IAQ) characteristics, or other important considerations, we are here to provide a degree understanding and comparison, so you can assess the products based on your specific needs.

Please explore this site to the fullest and take advantage of all the information contained herein. We advise starting with the Strand Benefits tab above to learn more about Strand Bamboo in general, and then please visit Build My Bamboo or Find My Bamboo to search or browse our inventory, respectively. Thank you for your interest!